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Contact Harcourts Connect:
Phone: 1300 554 028
Fax: 1300 889 598
Email: harcourtsconnect@connectnow.com.au
Website: http://harcourts.connectnow.com.au/

What is Harcourts Connect?

It's your free moving service designed specially for Harcourts customers, where you can source and sign up your utility connections including electricity, gas, internet, phone, pay TV and water. 

Here at Harcourts, we're committed to making the process of moving house as easy as possible and that's why we have a dedicated resource for our tenants and home buyers - it's just one of the many things we do, so you don't have to spend your time finding and visiting a myriad of suppliers when you could be spending that time getting other affairs in order for your big move.

For over 10 years we have been helping our customers connect their utilities, and now we can also arrange your disconnections and other moving necessities too, including quotes for removalists, car or truck hire, cleaning, bottled gas and more!

Why Did We Create Harcourts Connect?

Harcourts Connect is all about saving time. By centralising the options from suppliers, you as a consumer can easily source, sign up, disconnect or book the service that you're looking for. We created Harcourts Connect as another tool to make our customers' lives easier, and we have achieved much success in doing that for them.

What's In It For Harcourts Connect?

Harcourts Connect wouldn't dream of charging consumers for the use of the service, but you're probably wondering what's in it for Harcourts Connect then? To be able to offer a this free service to Harcourts customers, Harcourts Connect has entered into agreements with several suppliers and under some of these agreements, Harcourts Connect is entitled to receive a small commission when a consumer takes up the service using our website or call centre. The nature of this relationship is to make the process simple and effective for consumers, and of course, FREE. Harcourts Connect provides a suite of suppliers for consideration, however not all possible suppliers participate. It is important to note that Harcourts Connect references those participants in its suite of suppliers, who offer relevant services in the customer's location (and not any other service providers). Any agreements entered into by a consumer through Harcourts Connect, is made directly with the supplier and standard service provider connection fees and charges still apply. As a consumer it's also important to note that you don't pay any extra charges as a result of using this service.

Contact Harcourts Connect:
Phone: 1300 554 028
Fax: 1300 889 598
Email: harcourtsconnect@connectnow.com.au
Website: http://harcourts.connectnow.com.au/

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